Monday, 6 February 2012

My Miniature guide on how to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.

Weightwatchers, lighter life, low fat, fitness gurus, the NHS and the government tell you all sorts of conflicting information.  Your told to count points, count calories, eat low fat ready meals, 'healthy chocolate snacks', eat less fat and eat less! You're told different types of information with no real backing to why and this only leads to confuse you and in the long run to give up all together.  What if losing weight was more simple! It is..

The only real long term solution to weight loss and health is to eat the foods that we are meant to eat and have been eating since we were full time cave dwellers.  Packet and convenience food is only a recent invention and is quite clearly linked to society's dramatic increase in obesity. So what do we eat and what do we avoid?

Try to mimic what Mr Caveman used to eat: Meat, Fish ,Nuts, Seeds, Vegetables and some fruit. It is as simple as that! No low fat diets or midday hunger pangs, just eat healthy, fresh and clean foods. Eat FAT! Having a few bits of dodgy modern food now again really wont set you back as long as you don't eat it day in day out!

To maximise health and your fat loss potential you also want to avoid certain foods: Refined/ processed and packaged foods. In particular sugar, wheat products, excessive dairy and alcohol. Eating these foods can elevate insulin to high levels and cause you to store more fat.

Thats it! No 10 page essay or weekly weigh ins, just focus on eating clean and you will not only lose excess weight but keep it off for life!

Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Consultant

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